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Instead of a complicated, theoretical approach we start with the end in mind and quickly build up measurable and sustainable improvements. There are dozens of tools across multiple models and frameworks that apply directly to your processes and plans. We’ll pick the best fit and move toward your goals.

Problem Solving

Are you stuck on an issue, project or program and wondering what to do next? Or, ready to get more efficient, faster and better equipped to support your internal or external customers? Watson Inspired Consulting helps get to the root cause of the problem and use the right tools at the right time to deliver tangible outcomes.

People Focused

Team and company culture is critical to any improvement. Our consulting methods always keep people at the center and produces a unique and sustainable plan, anchored in your specific ways of working. An interactive team session could get things started. Then, we’ll equip teams to move forward & coach teams through every element of the plan.

What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.

C.S. LEWIS, The Magician’s Nephew

Point of view is powerful. An external perspective will shine a light in ways you can’t often see up close. Automation & machine learning may be an outcome to improve a process, but people will ultimately enable your organization’s success. We can help uncover the best balance of solutions together.


20+ years corporate experience to transform your systems, project & organization

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